Creatively speaking

Osprey takes flight

23 May 2017 / Neil Pendrey

We’ve just helped equip Gravicus, a SaaS data management start-up, with a brand toolkit to help tell their story and go to market in style. Following a workshop session we helped tease out and define their values, personality and proposition, around which we created a corporate identity, website and suite of marketing tools. Gravicus was founded with the intention […]

Roscan Electronics’ new website is live

26 April 2017 / Neil Pendrey

We’d been working with our client Roscan Electronics for a few years, supporting them with printed material, so we were delighted when they approached us with a brief for a new website. Needing a cost effective and low maintenance website that communicated Roscan’s 40 years of engineering excellence, we chose to design and build a static (non CMS) site […]

We have a new client: Ads Reality

13 April 2017 / Neil Pendrey

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just started work on a branding project with an exciting new client, Ads Reality. This pioneering AR agency, create augmented reality experiences which excite, engage and enthral customers, whilst giving businesses the tools to measure and track results. We’re delighted to have been chosen to embark on a rebranding […]

The rise of the retro logo

17 March 2017 / Neil Pendrey

Seen the new Co-Op logo? Look familiar? How about NatWest? Or Kodak? Well, be prepared to see a whole load of new ‘old’ logos this year as more and more big brands turn to their archives in an attempt to realign themselves with their past values. It’s no coincidence this trend is happening. As a […]

Words and pictures

15 March 2017 / Andy Wright

If you’re in any way connected to the world of design, or interested in its increasing convergence with technology, then John Maeda’s latest Design in Tech report is a must read. One observation that resonates most with us, is that in our quest to engage audiences through sleek, intuitive interfaces, words are becoming more powerful than […]

How web design is evolving

13 March 2017 / Neil Pendrey

The world of web design is undergoing a transformation, a metamorphosis where the role of design, and indeed the designer, is changing. No longer is design just a case of adding a layer of style at the 11th hour of the project lifecycle, but an integral part of the development of the user experience. Embracing […]

Terra Firma website goes live

09 March 2017 / Andy Wright

We’ve just launched a new website for Terra Firma, a client we’ve been working with for the last 9 years. Their new WordPress site is fully responsive and enables their team to manage all content, so they can update project case studies and write blog posts quickly and easily. The Terra Firma Consultancy are a professional landscape architecture practice […]

Automation vs human beings in design

06 March 2017 / Neil Pendrey

Search for the term ‘automation’ on almost any design resource website and you’ll be met with a wealth of content and adverts all promising to make your life easier, streamline processes and make you a better designer. But, in reality, what will the impact of automation be on the role of the designer in the […]

We have a new client: Cycling UK

01 February 2017 / Neil Pendrey

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been working with an exciting new client, Cycling UK. This leading charity has championed the cause of cycling for well over a century. They encourage and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the joys and benefits of cycling. We’re delighted to have been chosen to update the design of their […]