The art of storytelling

08 March 2024 / Neil Pendrey

As World Book Day passes again this year, we take a minute to reflect on the art of storytelling. Our love of books to entertain, inspire and educate us but ultimately the power it has in marketing communication.

Storytelling creates an emotional connection, differentiates a brand, and engages audiences both internal and external. It all starts with a story, whether you are talking to a customer, attracting the best talent, engaging internal teams, or framing your corporate story for investors.

A clear and compelling story speaks directly to your core target audience. To ensure consistent messaging across all comms you need to invest in a comprehensive body of written content that will form the basis for consistency. A copy platform builds upon a simple story, providing context, customer pains and the positive impact the product delivers. The core story will then be adapted across different touch points. Long form for websites, detailed documents, and short bites for social.

Without expanding and stretching the copy platform you will start to see inconsistency across your storytelling.

3 simple steps to storytelling

1. Persona development

Defining the core customer types; their situation, pains and challenges, and specifically how the product will benefit them. This exercise enables us to focus clearly on targeting messaging.

2. Copy platform

Provides a single source of content to ensure consistency of messaging across all comms within a single document that includes; elevator pitch, core proposition, messaging pillars, long-form copy, short bites, benefit led messaging for each audience group. bullet points and headlines.

3. Tone of voice guide

Provides a reference for ensuring a consistent voice, whoever is writing for or about the product.

We believe that everyone is a customer of your brand; persuade and entertain them with your story.

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