Our story

At Visual Assets we use insight, creativity and a healthy dose of commercial experience to help businesses solve their everyday challenges.

Effective communications

We specialise in B2B and work with some of the world’s most successful brands, helping them communicate effectively across all their audience groups through the use of brand, digital, social and content.

Our work impacts local, regional and international audiences across many sectors with a specific focus on commercial and residential property, technology, financial and professional services.

Over 25 years of creativity

Founded in 1988, we’ve helped thousands of businesses and come across almost every kind of challenge. This makes us adept at solving problems, naturally inquisitive, and consultative, which ensures we always meet your core objective – not just a literal response to the brief.

In our fast-paced, high-tech world we know that relevant, human-based ideas are the best way to engage people who make business decisions. So we unravel complexity and tell simple stories that help make your communications clear, memorable and effective.

What makes
us different

There is no B-team

We combine the creative and intellectual horsepower of a large agency with the flexible, personal service of a dedicated team. So you get direct access to our best people who add value throughout the process. It’s an agile, responsive and highly efficient way of working.

We take the energy and excitement you’d expect from a new agency, and put this into everything we do, every day. So a PowerPoint presentation is given the same attention as an ad campaign, because we want you to look good – all the time.

We align with your interests

We share your ups and downs, no matter what. Whether it’s a tight deadline or a complex project, we always deliver on time and within budget. We make it our business to support you, even when you need us to pull out all the stops.

We’ll help you achieve the results your business demands, and make the experience as smooth as possible. So from the off we’ll find out how your organisation operates, and we’ll create a way of working that fits.

90% of our work is referred

This is our big claim to fame. Developing lasting relationships and creating exceptional work is always our primary focus. This builds trust which leads to excellent client retention, with 90% of our work coming from repeat business and client referrals.

People often say they think of us as one of their own rather than an outside agency. We’ve outlived numerous staff changes within our client base, and many of our contacts even take us with them when they move companies.

They know the meaning of commercial – they make my job easier.


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