Siemens Financial Services

Siemens wanted to start conversations with decision-makers to show how its smart approach to finance can help put transformational technology and equipment within easy reach.


Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is a global provider of financial solutions to organisations large and small. With a team of 2,600+ personnel, it operates in 60 countries, combining technology and financing in intelligent ways to benefit both Siemens and its customers.

As SFS celebrate 25 years of success and growth, we too celebrate a working relationship that has spanned the same period.

The task

With a unique insight into the wide array of sectors that its parent brand operates in, SFS wanted to connect with key decision-makers in large organisations through a thought leadership programme. Directed at each sector, SFS wanted to connect with senior stakeholders and empathise with the pressures, needs and ambitions that each industry faced. And show how their smart financing solutions can enable organizations to acquire the technologies and equipment they need to shape their future.

Working with the client’s research agency, Visual Assets was tasked to design a format for a quarterly whitepaper programme, which combined insight and perspective, survey statistics, and case studies.

Our approach

Since 2017 we have established a way of working that condenses the design process into a short timescale to ensure the data and industry views are fresh and relevant when the whitepapers are published. We work with an early draft to provide initial theme sketches, then evolve these as the draft is finalised. The digital whitepapers are produced in seven languages, and a toolkit of assets for marketing and social campaigns are produced.


We have helped SFS strengthen its reputation as an innovative provider of finance solutions across a range of markets, from healthcare, to energy efficiency, industrial productivity, sustainable infrastructure and intelligent mobility.


Quarterly whitepapers
Social media toolkits
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