Siemens Financial Services

Siemens wanted to support its regional marketing teams with a structured programme to help enable more sales across its divisions and reseller channels by offering them embedded finance as part of their proposition.


Siemens identified that machine builders were a largely un-tapped sector of the market. By creating an insight-driven, turn-key marketing programme they could help their regional marketing teams and reseller partners run effective campaigns which talked directly to their customers’ needs.

The task

The programme and its components needed to be held together by a common theme and visual style, yet had to be universal enough that it could sit alongside marketing collateral from other Siemens divisions – from Digital Industry to Smart Infrastructure. A toolkit approach would provide regional teams with a set of core components, then a vast collection of splintered assets to inspire and make it easy to generate consistent, engaging content.

Our approach

We worked with the central marketing team and their research agency to build a business case and get support from regional leads, as engaging with teams that would be rolling out the programme was vital to ensure adoption. Combining feedback from each region we developed a core suite of collateral and assets using illustrations and infographics which would work in all markets without the need for regionalisation.


Over a six-month period we built a wealth of core tools, templates and digital assets to provide the building blocks for the global programme, and are now starting to replicate the same formula for additional divisions.


Programme identity
Copy platform
Comprehensive asset toolkit
Product explainers
Interactive sales presentation tool
Thought leadership reports

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