Building on a successful website design project, we developed a series of digital ads for Rovva to kickstart their global marketing on Facebook and Instagram.


Rovva is a global business support platform with a wide range of products and services to help startups, growing businesses and efficiency seekers thrive. But every new brand faces a significant challenge around awareness – particularly in competitive social spaces. Rovva needed an impactful way to demand attention, get people engaged, and communicate its core proposition at a glance.

Putting readers at the heart of the story

We developed a series of digital ads for Rovva, with multiple creatives across awareness, prospecting and retargeting stages. Crucially, these creatives were all led by what users really care about – their needs, challenges and ambitions. Our carefully balanced range of ads included simple, memorable one-line pitches, social proof and reviews ratings. All with a copy style and visual identity that cut through the social media noise.


Our digital ads gave Rovva a meaningful choice of distinct, diverse ways to targets its prospects. These could be tested against each other, allowing Rovva to focus resources where the impact would be biggest. Today, Rovva is the world’s largest business support platform.


Social media banners and videos
Awareness, prospecting and retargeting
Launched across Facebook and Instagram

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