Paragon DPDI

Paragon is one of the UK’s largest business services providers.


DPDI is new UK legislation designed to strengthen privacy and data protection following our departure from the EU. Currently, the bill is moving through the House of Lords and Royal Assent is anticipated by May 2024. Paragon wanted to educate customers on the potential implications and opportunities of DPDI.


Paragon wanted to create some practical, at-a-glance information on all you need to know about DPDI. We undertook two workshops with the senior team at DCX and Paragon along with desk-based research to gather the insights to create the guide.


A 12pg pocket guide which allows Paragon customers the opportunity to learn about DPDI and how it will affect them. The content covers the notable changes in DPDI, a simple comparison table of GDPR and DPDI, the impact, and how to prepare and stay ahead of the changes. To support the guide, we created an infographic of the 5 differences you need to know about, along with a supporting blog.


12pg brochure

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