Building a modular video for multiple audiences


The Instant Group has been rethinking workspace since 1999. Working across more than 175 countries, its platforms constitute the world’s largest digital marketplace for flexible workspace. Its acquisition of Coworkintel, a workspace data and analytics platform, provides investors, operators and landlords with the insight to inform growth strategies, improve performance, increase profit and forecast market trends.

The task

Instant needed to introduce its new data and analytics offering with a suite of videos that addressed the specific features and possibilities for each of its audience groups. The video content needed to cover two areas; an elevator pitch to provide market context and the wider solution, and a product demo to showcase the platform’s capabilities.

The approach

The client wanted to use the video across multiple touch points and channels, so we took a modular approach to enable smaller segments to be created as stand-alone assets. We created a central storyboard that would allow the elevator pitch to work as an individual asset and also sit at the front of a series of audience-specific demo videos. With the desire to create something visually striking that would catch attention and stand out from conventional software demos, we created a fun, stylised animation building on the brand’s simple colour palette and identity.


By taking a modular approach, we made the creation of a series of video assets highly cost-effective by treating all animated and audio elements as smaller re-usable components.

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