Osprey takes flight

23 May 2017 / Neil Pendrey

We’ve just helped equip Gravicus, a SaaS data management start-up, with a brand toolkit to help tell their story and go to market in style. Following a workshop session we helped tease out and define their values, personality and proposition, around which we created a corporate identity, website and suite of marketing tools.

Gravicus was founded with the intention to provide clients with best in class Information Governance solutions. Their Osprey™ platform offers purpose built applications which provide smart solutions for data and information management. Whether a smart tool to manage GDPR compliance, a lawyer deploying M&A due diligence, or an insurer needing to calculate risk, the power, flexibility and security of Osprey is delivered simply and securely as a managed SaaS solution.

In a market with much confusion and few standards, Gravicus aims to provide simple ways for businesses to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce cost and minimise risk.

Have a look at their new websites at www.gravicus.com and www.ospreysmart.com


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