Giving a fast growing business a brand to go the distance. With increasing success in a fast-moving sector, Ads Reality needed to refresh their brand and re-focus their offering.


Ads Reality is one of the UK’s leading augmented reality solutions providers. They work with retailers and creative agencies, helping to bring brands to life through unique augmented reality experiences.

When technology gets commercial

Things move fast at the cutting edge of digital technology – even faster when you harness it and develop commercial applications that everyone wants. And when everything’s moving at speed, it’s difficult to align what your business is doing, with what it’s saying.

Our involvement was simple and didn’t disrupt progress. We helped to reflect the energy, passion and confidence of the business for all to see from the outside, with a sharper visual appearance and a clear and engaging proposition.


Corporate identity / Proposition & positioning / Tone of voice & copywriting / Product brand structure / Marketing collateral / Website / Exhibition system

Mesmerising experiences. Measurable results.

Ads Reality’s solutions almost sell themselves, but now they have a brand that opens doors just as easily by projecting the professionalism and credibility of their offering. The business continues on it’s trajectory, with recent client wins including Sainsbury’s, Microsoft and Unilever.

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